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Metal coin



1.Zinc alloy commemorative coin with a double-sided pattern. The front is embossed and painted by hand to reflect the color of the LOGO. The back is embossed with metal to make the product more three-dimensional.

2. The zinc alloy material used in this product complies with European and American conventional testing standards, which is environmentally friendly and safe.

3. The design of pure zinc alloy commemorative coin, the surface is electroplated with bronze, and the nylon is swept away, and the surface is sealed with protective oil.

4. In addition to the American eagle in the main design, you can design your own exclusive zinc alloy commemorative coins according to different activities or other patterns. The front can be flat or semi-relief, and the surface is equipped with different plating colors or patterns to make the product more personalise.

Material: zinc alloy

Size: 60*60*4MM

Production process: die-casting, full polishing, electroplated bronze, color: multi-color paint

Packing: gift box packing

Minimum order quantity: 500


Uses: for commemorative collection

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